Plant Based Nutrition Boosts Your Immune System



Enough is Enough! It's time to take control in this Pandemic Battle by rebooting your immune system in the fight against COVID-19. 

And we have the product to do it!

Introducing IR-8 Immune Reboot Capsules!

Proper nutrition is critical to building and sustaining a strong immune system. This is not a secret, yet 97% of Americans do not eat a healthy diet...and 50% suffer from at least one chronic illness or disease. 

This is where we can help. IR-8 Capsules consist of eight microgreens varieties grown hydroponically indoors that are dehydrated and ground into a nutritiously potent fine powder. 

Just one capsule a day will help you take back control by boosting your immune system.

We grow using no pesticides, no herbicides. No chemicals at all. The seeds are non-GMO and pathogen free. And our capsules are plant-based.

We use no additives, no fillers, no synthetics.

And because of the way we dehydrate the microgreens, the powdered greens are categorized as a raw food. 

Better Than Organic. Better Than Supplements.

Pure Immune System Boosting Nutrition Packed Into One Tiny Capsule A Day. 

There’s no more convenient and easy way to strengthen your immune system and your overall health.