Superfood My Body Reviews

16 Nutrient Dense Microgreens all in One Capsule 

"In 3 days my focus improved. I felt mentally clearer. My digestion is regulated. I feel so much better."
-Bonney A.

"I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and have not had a single morning in 25 years that I have not woken up in pain.  Since taking the Superfood My Body Capsules, I have been waking up pain free!"
-Gail R.

"Within a few days I noticed an increase in energy, because my body is getting the nutrition it needs, I don't get hungry and have no cravings! I can lose weight simply by taking one capsule a day!"
-Gina K

"I have arthritis in my knee, bone on bone, I noticed that after about three or four days I wasn't feeling the pain so much.  In fact my knee doesn't bother me The secondary benefits are I don’t feel as hungry or at least feeling the need to eat as much."
-Gary B. 

"Five weeks after taking SFMB my Sciatica Nerve Pain of 15 years IS GONE!"
-Shirley C.

"I've only used the SFMB capsules for two days, but here is what I can tell you already. I have experienced a significant increase in energy. Here's how I can explain it. During my workouts, I usually spend about 20 minutes on the Matrix Ellipitcal machine, and my goal is to burn 100 calories and reach one mile in that time. Most of the time, it takes me a few more seconds to reach the one mile mark, for example 20:30. Since taking the capsules, I've reached one mile and 100 calories in 18 minutes (2 minutes less time) without even trying. I also notice more energy when using the other Matrix machines. It has to be the SFMB capsules because it's the only thing that's different from my previous workouts. Can't wait to experience the other benefits of SFMB!"
-Ulysses M.


I started taking the microgreens about a month ago for the purpose of getting the daily nutrients we are suppose to get in my body ,which i know i wasn't getting. But after a few days I noticed  it was helping my acid reflux, which I've really suffered with for most of my life. I knew for sure it was the capsules that were helping after i ran out and the reflux came back strong. I knew for sure at that point that i couldn't be without it. I also get energy from this superfood, which i definitely need."
-Ted Caul


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