Grab n Go Salad


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Supercharge Your Health & Immune System

Just one capsule a day will boost your immune system ... and you will see a much healthier you!

IR-8 Immunity Reboot is a powerful blend of 8 nutrient dense microgreens.  Microgreens are 1 to 3 inch tall super vegetables.  Pure (better than organic) superfoods packed with immune-supporting properties for a healthy body.

~Contains more vitamins and minerals because the nutrient content is concentrated

~Provides necessary nutrients for the eyes, skin, bone development, healthy digestive system; and also protects against inflammation, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases

~High in Vitamin C for healthy immune function

~High in antioxidants to help support the body from free-radical damage

~Provides cell protection for immune health

~Helps to boost energy production

~Helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue

~Great source of fiber for beneficial cleansing

~High in fiber to support healthy bowel regularity

~Boosts collagen production for the healthy growth of skin, teeth, gums, cartilage and bones

 ~100% Plant Based, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Additives

Just One Capsule A Day!
Quick & Convenient For A Busy Lifestyle!